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Who was I:

My name was Michelle Schlotfeldt.

I was a self-taught glassmaker and founder of Schlotfeldts-Glasdesign.

I sadly passed away on Thursday, November 18, 2021 after many years of serious illness.

It was my big dream to create a glass world with more than 1000 different designs.

I was allowed to live out that dream when I created Schlotfeldts-Glasdesign in 2004, where I was allowed to live out my great passion for glass art for almost 18 years.

It has been a great honor and a great pleasure for me to be able to give so many people some absolutely amazing glass things that they can greatly enjoy.

I will miss my many faithful customers and good friends for many years to come.

It is with great pleasure that my husband wants to take up the baton and now produces all the glass so that our glass business can run on in the future.

Then I hope my many good ideas can inspire my husband in his glass work.

Who am I:

My name is Michelle Schlotfeldt and a self-taught glassmaker since 2004.

I was born and raised in the Copenhagen area, moved to Lolland very young. Where I work as a lifeguard and waiter for many years.

Has been trained as a social and health assistant and has worked in psychiatry for several years.

I moved to Bornholm in 2002.

Have been creative all my life with fabric Santa Claus, steel braid, flower decorations both fresh and dried.

The glass I got started with when I got a ceramic oven serving that had not been used for approx. 20 years "originally from Bornholm University"

I started with experiments in window glass that was painted on and white ceramics that were decorated with luster and gold decorations.

The glass comes from america and italy and is full-color glass plates that are fused together and formed into, for example, bowls, dishes, candlesticks, lamps, vases and figures.

The technique:

Clear transparent glass plate of the desired size as a foundation, on top of which are added colored glasses that are cut into the desired pattern. The glass is sanded, washed free of dust, grease and glass sludge. Put in the glass oven and fuse together. Second firing, the fused glass plate is placed on top of a ceramic or stainless steel mold and drops (slumping / bending) heat influence / gravity into the mold or beyond the mold.


Glass bars are melted in a combination of gas and oxygen flame until it is liquid and turned on mandrel garnish and relaxed in bead oven.